What if you could learn to play the drums from the comfort of your home, in just one hour each week, without reading music?


Skip the hours of boring exercises and hop right into playing popular beats, learning drum fills and using patterns to create whatever you imagine.

I've created a drum instruction course that will guide you every step of the way -  custom-designed to "trim the fat" away from traditional drum lesson curriculum.

Does this sound familiar?


"I want to learn the drums, but I get bored with all the repetitive exercises"

"I've tried to learn the drums before, but I never improved so I gave up."

"Private lessons are too expensive and don't work with my schedule"

"My child wants to take drum lessons but I just don't have the time."

"I want to learn the drums but I can't read music."


You're not alone... for years I've worked with parents and students who wrestled with these very thoughts and more.

They wanted to succeed at the drums but kept running into walls and were unable to reach their goals.

I want you to love the drums

I've been playing the drums for over 35 years. 

From an early age, being able to play the drums well made me feel special and gave me a sense of identity.

The ability to play music filled me with confidence and pride.

As I got older, having gained skill and experience, I eventually started teaching drum lessons. 

I quickly saw that traditional teaching methods weren't very exciting to me or my students.

Before long, I began to dread teaching each week because I saw the boredom in my students faces - knowing eventually they would quit. 

Maybe you have tried to learn  - but ended up quitting

Yet deep down inside, you still...

  • Want to express yourself with music - making yourself and others happy.
  • Want the confidence and pride that being good at the drums can bring.
  • Just want to have fun and "jam" in your bedroom or with friends on the weekends.
  • Believe deep-down that you can do this and be good at it.
  • Want to invest in yourself and don't want to put it off another day.
  • Want a skill that will be with you for the rest of your life - opening doors and opportunities for you.

I was tired of watching students lose interest...


Never sticking with it long enough to see progress

Being good at the drums was a bedrock of my life.

I wanted to help others feel that same joy and accomplishment.

"There had to be a better way to learn the drums..."

Many aspects of drumming are important but aren't crucial to the early stages of learning and can be put off until much later.

I asked myself,  "What CORE drumming skills are needed to progress, yet would still be interesting and fun to students?"

I needed to create a course that...

  • Had a step-by-step, direct path of noticeable progress.
  • Focused on playing beats and fills as soon as possible 
  • Wasn't based on boring, repetitive exercises
  • Required only MINUTES each day instead of hours each week
  • Was much more affordable than private lessons
  • Could be worked on at home, whenever it was convenient
  • Didn't require reading music

I took a bold step and removed a lot of traditional lessons and exercises from my drum teaching curriculum.

I wanted to focus on what excited me about the drums when I started...


Learning beats and fills - playing along with songs

It didn't take long to see that I was on the right track and my students seemed happier! 

I began to sense the feeling of pride and accomplishment as we would go through the lessons together!

Things began to "click" and I haven't looked back!  

I finally came up with a solution that has worked for me, it's been working for my students...





"A Different Approach To Learning The Drums"


80-page PDF Course & Workbook containing:


  • 25 custom lessons - guiding you from one milestone to the next, checking your progress every step of the way.
  • End of lesson checkpoints with action steps and exercises - reinforcing key points and concepts, while highlighting common mistakes to avoid.
  • "Bite-sized" exercises requiring only ONE HOUR PER WEEK      (15 minutes per day - 4 days per week).
  • A teaching method focusing on using the COUNT of the song as a MAP that shows where beats and fills should be played - no music reading necessary.
  • Over a dozen "ready-to-go" drum fills that sound great and are easy to play.
  • Informative sections and relevant advice from a professional drummer - focused on shaping you into the drummer and musician you were meant to be.
  • A guide to buying your first drum kit - helping you get it right the first time.
  • List of suggested "must have" accessories, key to helping you progress on the drums.

Here's what you'll learn in this course:


Popular Drum Beats

  • A quarter note, 4-count beat that will create a foundation for the rest of your drumming.
  • The "Hallmark" Beat - A famous 4-count eighth note beat you will be playing for the rest of your life.
  • 6/8 Beat - A "must have" beat for you to keep in your toolbox - uses a 6-count.


How To Master Drum Fills

  • Sound like a seasoned player and level up your drumming immediately by learning how to properly use drum fills.
  • Understand the role and correct use for drum fills - knowing exactly when drum fills should be used, when they should start and where they should end.
  • Build a "ready-to-go," diverse collection of solid, proven drum fills, fitting several different styles of music, that sound great and are easy to play and remember.
  • 3 different categories of fills that work great in any situation!
  • When to use long fills vs. short fills.
  • How to use common groupings of 4, 8 & 16 measures in music to properly use fills.
  • How to "resume the beat" after a drum fill, keeping the song and band on track.


The Mental Process Behind Drumming

  • The "Recipe for a Beat" - Understand the 3 things needed to play any beat.
  • Use the "count" of the music as a MAP for anything you want to play!
  • Discover not only how, but WHY certain things are played on the drums.
  • Be able to analyze music as you listen, understanding the rhythmic framework of the song and how the drums fit into it.
  • Be able to "read" scenarios in a song so that you know exactly what drum parts and fills to play.


Rhythmic Blocks - Patterns to Unlock Your Creativity

  • Unlock endless rhythms and patterns by learning "rhythmic blocks" to fuel your creativity.
  • Create unlimited patterns for beats and fills by using "Rhythmic Blocks" that can be assembled in hundreds of ways.
  • Preset pattern combinations that can be used to play snare patterns or drum fills.


Professional Advice and Information

  • Tips and advice from a professional drummer about improving quickly and how to develop a great reputation with other musicians
  • List of "must have" drumming accessories to help you progress and sound great.
  • Recommendations for buying your first drum kit - getting it right the first time!



  • How to "put the song first" and don't play things that will distract your audience or bandmates.
  • How to become a "sought-after" drummer that people WANT to play with.
  • How to show respect to other musicians and gain their respect, as well.
  • Stand out among other drummers by learning to honor your fellow musicians.
  • The importance of being reliable and available.

Song Structure & Song Mapping

  • Learn the "secret sauce" of how songs are arranged and identify each individual song section
  • Plan out your drum parts like the pros!
  • Understand the framework of how songs are constructed and how to use that knowledge to lead the other musicians through the song.
  • How to guide the band from one song section to the next.
  • How to create charts for songs to guide you as you play


Note Subdivisions - Subdividing the Beat

  • Use the hidden spaces in between beats as options to add extra notes, making cooler drum parts and fills, by subdividing the beat.
  • Use the hidden spaces in between beats as options to play cooler drum parts and fills, by subdividing the beat.
  • Master these subdivisions and learn to recall them instantly,  by hearing them in your head and saying them out loud.

Play Along With Recordings

  • Have fun and improve by playing along with your favorite songs.
  • How to find the "count" in recordings so you can play along.
  • Play along to songs you listen to everyday by using the "count" of the song as a MAP.


Additional Items

  • Develop hi-hat techniques to "spice up" your playing.
  • Learn additional kick drum patterns to add diversity to your beats.
  • Master "The Big 3" beginner rudiments that all drummers need to know.
  • Learn the parts of a drum kit and understand the purpose of each.
  • Develop "rock solid" time and be "studio-ready" by being able to play along with a "click" (metronome).

Cheaper than private lessons!


FACT: On average, private drum lessons cost $110 each month (that's $1,320 per year!)

Learn the drums for a fraction of the cost of private lessons

E-Book Course


  • 25 custom-designed lessons guiding you every step of the way.
  • Informative sections and relevant advice from a professional drummer.
  • "Bite-sized" exercises requiring only minutes per day
  • End of lesson "progress checks" - reinforcing key points and highlighting common mistakes
  • Monthly "one on one" video coaching sessions - for 3 months!
  • Custom-fit tips and methods for improvement - specifically made to your exact progress level.


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E-Book Course + Online Coaching

  • 25 custom-designed lessons - guiding you every step of the way.
  • Informative sections and relevant advice from a professional drummer.
  • "Bite-sized" exercises requiring only minutes per day.
  • End of lesson "progress checks" - reinforcing key points and highlighting common mistakes.
  • Monthly "one on one" video coaching sessions - for 3 months!
  • Custom-fit tips and methods for improvement - specifically made to your exact progress level.


Instant access!


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Imagine how great it will feel when you can finally...

  • Impress your friends who didn't know you could play the drums!  
  • Have confidence and pride in your drumming abilities and see the progress you've made!
  • Have a strong foundation of skill that can grow into whichever direction you choose for your drumming!
  • See the joy on your child's face as they excel at learning the drums!
  • Play confidently in a band with your friends - play on the stage at school or at church!
  • Play along with songs you listen to every day  - or have wanted to learn for years! 
  • Use your deeper understanding of music to work and communicate with other musicians!
  • Instantly play the musical patterns that "pop" into your head!

Excel with "One on One" Video Coaching Sessions!

In addition to the course, you can purchase private online video coaching sessions with me!

I will work with you "one on one" - providing specific instruction for EXACTLY where you are in your progress.

I can get you to the next level!  

Begin your journey!

This Course Is For You If...

  • You want to build a foundation of drumming skill that grow into many different directions.
  • You really want your child to develop confidence and pride by having a skill that they can use for the rest of their lives.
  • You smile at the thought of seeing yourself drumming in front of an audience - making people move and react to what you are playing
  • You want to impress your friends with your drumming.
  • Want to develop a skill that will be with you for the rest of your life - creating beneficial social and financial opportunities
  • You have tried to learn the drums before but have given up due to lack of direction or progress
  • You don't want to spend $1,300+ a year on private lessons.


This course is NOT for you if...

  • You expect to improve without, at least, small amounts of practice and effort to follow the lesson plan. Some students refuse to put forth effort and therefore get frustrated and give up. I can't force you to follow my course, though I can tell you that IT WORKS!
  • You insist that you must learn to read music to succeed.  While some career paths and musical activities do require reading music, it is not a necessary skill to succeed at drumming. It simply depends on what your goals are.  Many successful, professional drummers do not read music.

Student Success Stories



Keith was a Father and a full-time employee who didn't have a lot of spare time, but he had a deep desire to get good at the drums!  He came to me hoping that eventually he would be good enough to audition for the church worship team.  Keith had tried to learn before with mixed results, but once he caught on to the method of using the COUNT of the song as a map, things started to "click!"  After several months of solid effort, I am proud to say that Keith is now playing on the worship team at his church and is loving the drums!



Colleen is a 15-year old ROCK STAR who's talent has grown exponentially in just a year's time.  She plays every day because she LOVES it, not because she is made to, and it shows in her playing!  She has already devoured most of the material in my course and she is growing more hungry every day for more!  Her understanding of fills and how to let the song dictate what should be played is incredible!



Soren hasn't been playing for too long, but already he is eager to learn and is getting better every week.  His understanding and implementation of rhythmic blocks is wonderful.  He loves to create new fills and patterns  and always surprises me with creative additions to beats.  He also practices almost every day, simply because he LOVES it!

It's up to you!

Are you finally ready to get serious about learning the drums?  

There has never been an easier time to try and get started!  

Don't put it off another day - INVEST IN YOURSELF NOW!

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