#2 - 7 Benefits of Learning To Play The Drums

Sep 21, 2022
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After 35 years of playing the drums, I have a unique perspective that I’d love to share with you!  

 Besides just being a ton of fun, there are actually many benefits to learning to play music, but even more to learning the drums - Let’s take a look!



I started playing at a very early age.  I was a timid kid who was always nervous about something. 

As I started learning to play the drums, it gave me an identity. 

It seemed to me that in elementary and middle school, everyone was struggling to find their place, but I always seemed to have that “power” - I was good at the drums and no one could take that away from me!

 When I sat down behind the drums, I knew that I was in control and that I had the skill to be able to execute anything I could think of (with practice).   

Now as I’m older, when I play with other people, knowing that I can handle whatever they might throw at me gives me a sense of pride and confidence that is priceless and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. 

There are still times in life when I am nervous and uncomfortable, but that is the beauty of always being able to return to the drums after a hard day or when I need to escape some troubles in my mind.



Most kids don’t start out very popular in school and I was no different. 

I was quite nerdy and not that great at athletics.  

However, by the time I was in 6th grade, I could pretty much replicate any drum part I heard from songs on the radio. 

After having a few friends over at my house and playing for them, the word seemed to get around that I was “good.” 

I started playing at my church in 7th grade and then that gave me more notoriety with people (especially girls).  

 High school was very similar… I wasn’t cool-looking or “edgy,” but as the word spread that I was better than most on the drums, I seemed to always get recognized among my peers.

It felt good and was nice to have a reputation as being excellent at something that people thought was cool.

 If people see you play publicly in a band, then it gets even better.

 Having a reputation as a skilled drummer has continued throughout most of my life and it continues to open doors for me.  


Instant Community

Whenever you become a musician, you instantly enter a “brotherhood” (or sisterhood) of individuals who all have the same goal and all share a common desire!  

While the motives may be different for some, we all want to improve and have a great time making music!  

Playing an instrument is something that is difficult at first and when you begin to make progress, you gain respect for yourself.  

That respect is also displayed outwardly when you meet others who have put in the time and effort, just like you did.  

While there are no secret handshakes (that I know of….right?) there is an instant understanding and friendship that develops.  

Music even crosses language barriers and people who can’t communicate verbally with each other, can join in making music together and create a powerful moment!    

Musicians are also generally eager and happy to share tips and offer advice and help whenever other musicians ask or need assistance. 

Musicians typically don’t mind “sharing their secrets.”


Skill for a Lifetime - not like sports

With the exception of professional athletes, most of the people who play organized sports in school and college, won’t play nearly as much once they graduate. 

Aside from the weekend game with friends, most sports skills are lost and fade away after a number of years. 

Also, as we age, our bodies are not able to play some types of sports like we did when we were younger.  

 Musicians, however, only continue to improve with age, assuming they keep at it every now and then. 

Being a skilled musician can continue to create opportunities and advantages for you throughout most of your life, unlike sports. 

Musical skill creates social “currency” that excites people when they find out. 

It’s interesting to find out that someone played on the football team 20 years ago - but it’s even cooler to hear that someone played in a band years ago AND they are STILL playing to crowds every weekend!


Good Exercise

I’ve never been a huge fan of exercise, but drumming, especially hard rock and metal drumming, can be quite a workout!  

Using both of your arms and legs, actively at the same time requires endurance, stamina, concentration and balance.  

Drumming can be an excellent way to get cardiovascular fitness and is a fun way to burn calories.  

It is very common to be  soaking wet with sweat after a good drumming session!

It also feels nice when you are stressed about life to be able to get behind the drums and “hit things,” ha ha!  

Drumming is a wonderful way to let your mind escape your troubles for a bit - plus the exercise gives you endorphins which help increase happiness.


Make Money

Who doesn’t like money???  There are many, many opportunities out there for qualified, good, attentive drummers.  

While you won’t always get paid to play… sometimes you do!  

Being good at the drums has allowed me opportunities to make side-money, apart from my full-time job, that has allowed me to provide for my family.  

In fact, rather than be gone when the kids come home every day, my wife is able to work from home, part-time, due to the extra money that I am able to provide for us.  

You can make money by a variety of ways as a drummer:  playing live with a band, being a studio musician, playing in church, teaching music to others, or even going to people’s houses or churches and tuning drum kits.  

Just let the word get out, continue to promote yourself, strive to be reliable and easy to work with - opportunities will come!



Finally, we return to the simple, undeniable fact that playing the drums is just a BLAST! 

Anyone, anywhere with a drum kit can play along to their favorite songs whenever they want!  I played along to the radio and cassette tapes, but now with YouTube and Spotify, it is easier than ever to join in.  

Every day as I drive in my car, I “play drums” on my steering wheel to the music and it just helps me get through the day and makes me happy.  

I enjoy drumming so much that it seems unnatural not to do it every time I hear music.

There is also nothing in the world like the feeling of making music with other people, succeeding at something that you all care deeply about and watching it make other people so happy.  

It is a continuous circle between and audience and a band when you excite them and they shout and applaud, which makes you even more excited and the cycle just grows.  It is a wonderful experience!  


So there you go… a great list of reasons to start drumming right away!

There has never been an easier time to begin a journey of learning the drums! 

I would love to be a part of helping you realize and accept this gift in your life!  

So many doors and opportunities can become available to you if you stick with it!  




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Enjoy it and talk to you soon!

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